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For over 60 years Olson insurance has been protecting Individuals, Business and Reputations across the Country and Internationally.    

We know one size doesn’t fit all, which is why we provide specially tailored insurance products to fit the specific needs of both businesses and individuals.  Insurance needs from Individuals and Families to Business needs of all size and shape.  From Home, Auto, Life, Health, Liability, Workers Compensation, Employee Benefits, Individual Disability and Vision.

We offer a valuable Risk Management resource to assist clients with workplace safety, loss control, and legal compliance.  These dedicated risk management teams provide tools and expertise to help our clients control costs by avoiding, preventing and mitigating losses that could threaten business success.


The mission of Olson Insurance Group is to analyze potential risks and educate
our clients to provide the greatest protection from harm(disaster).

Our Staff and Agents, Our Purpose, Our Culture - We are Stronger Together.


           Client Experience
Daily we strive to exceed client expectations by anticipating client needs, interacting in an engaged and empathetic manner, and performing random acts of kindness when least expected.  These behaviors deliver an experience far beyond the expected.

Communication is key to success at Olson Insurance. We believe active listening in order to fully understand others’ perspectives or differing communication styles, and effectively relay the context within any given situation.  

We will always take ownership in, and responsibility for, the success of our Co-workers, our Agents and our Clients.   When we make a promise, we keep it.

We remember that some things aren't for sale.  We will always be consistent in our actions, values, methods, principles, expectations and outcomes.

We will always be grateful, humble and gracious toward those that allow us the opportunity for personal, professional and financial growth.

          Genuine Relationships
Meaningful and lasting relationships with our Clients, Agents and Company Partners are built through by showing respect, integrity and authenticity.

We will always abide by all laws and regulations governing our industry protecting our Clients, our Agents and our Company.

Olson Core Principles
Leadership Team


From providing customer service to clients and working with our Partner Insuers, our leadership team makes sure operations run smoothly driving the organization’s strategies for success.


Norman Gunnar Olson

Chairman Emeritus

Norman G. Olson founded the Olson Insurance Agency more than 60 years ago.  His caring business demeanor towards clients and insurance professionals provided the foundation for which we continue to build on.

As a small start-up this was not easy, but Norman was gifted with a sincere interest in getting to know people.   He was known for creating a conversation with anyone who crossed his path.   This honest curiosity to care about people was returned with the gracious sharing stories of their journey with him.   

Since that first policy was sold at a kitchen table in 1957, Olson Insurance has grown from a "one man" shop to include many many familes and team members located across the country.    Norman's entrepreneurial spirit is engrained in all we do and it stronger than ever.    

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Joe DiCiolla

Vice President,
Senior Chief Strategy Officer

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Amanda Olson

Vice President,
Human Resources

Olson Insurance Leadership Team
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Pete Olson

Vice President

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Jeff Voss

Vice President,
Integration Officer

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Anna Guziak

Vice President,
Operations Director (E)

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Lora Olson

Vice President,
Operations Director (I)

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Jim Sandberg

Relationship Manager,
Mergers & Acquisitions

Olson Insurance Leadership Team
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Lynn Voss


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Mike Guziak

Vice President,
Chief Underwriting Officer

Olson Insurance Leadership Team
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Jeff Olson


Olson Insurance Leadership Team
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Ernesto Martinez

Vice President,
Chief Strategy Officer

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Sara Wojanis

Vice President,
Compliance Officer

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